Pressure Washers

Armor All pressure washers deliver strong cleaning performance for both vehicle care and home cleaning. No tools are needed for assembly – you can set up and start cleaning in five minutes or less!

Get to Know the Armor All Pressure Washer

1 Variable Spray Wand
Adjust the spray right at the wand.
Simply twist to increase or decrease the spray intensity.
2 Rugged body
For a longer life.
3 Metal connections
Holds up to use, resists stripping.
4 Trigger gun
With child safety lock
5 High pressure hose
20ft for a wide working area
6 Easy roll wheels
Move the pressure washer more easily with wheels.
Available on AA1600/AA1601 models.

Pressure on Demand

The included Variable Spray Wand allows you to adjust the water pressure on the fly – from low to high pressure, and everything between.

Not sure which pressure is right for your project? Start with a wide spray and narrow as needed by twisting the end of the spray nozzle.

Easily clean with detergents

Using soap with your pressure washer can reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your vehicle and home, and also cleans more thoroughly.

Choose from wide variety of pressure washer formulas, from Vehicle Wash & Wax to Multipurpose Detergent and more.

Versatile tool

Armor All pressure washers excel at not only cleaning vehicles but also cleaning items around the home.

Clean and restore patio furniture, walkways, entrances, patios and more!

Clean like a pro!

Armor All pressure washers deliver up to 30X as much pressure as a typical garden hose, allowing you to clean more quickly and thoroughly.

Save money and skip the car wash this weekend – use an Armor All pressure washer instead!

See the Armor All Pressure Washer in Action

Getting Started – Be Up and Running In No Time!

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Connect Hoses

Connect your garden hose and the included high pressure hose to the pressure washer.

TIP: Make sure the spigot is fully open for maximum water flow.

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Connect Accessories

Attach the high pressure hose to the trigger gun. Attach spray wand to trigger gun.

TIP: Squeeze the trigger to bleed air out of hoses before turning on pressure washer.

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Turn On and Clean!

The on/off switch is located on top of the pressure washer. Press the "ON" button, squeeze the trigger and begin cleaning!

TIP: Always start with a wide spray, narrowing as needed for desired cleaning effect.

Comparison Chart –
Which Model is Right For You?

Model AA1500 AA1600 AA1601
Cleaning Pressure (PSI) 1500 1600 1600
Water Flow (GPM) 1.3 1.3 1.3
Variable Pressure Spray Wand
20ft. High Pressure Hose
Detergent Foamer
Easy Roll Wheels  
Soft Bristle Brush    
Easy 5 Minute Setup
All Metal Hose Connections
35ft. Power Cord
Onboard Accessory Storage
Weight (pounds) 12 13 13
One Year Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to cleaning vehicles (cars, trucks, SUV's, motorcycles, etc), Armor All pressure washers can also be used to clean home exteriors, patio furniture, playsets, toys, lawnmowers, garden tools are more.
There is no need to buy a special garden hose. A regular, good quality garden hose, preferably 5/8" and no more than 50 feet in length will deliver the necessary water flow. Most homes will already have one or more of these.
Armor All pressure washers are ETL-certified for safety and equipped with a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter). Furthermore, these pressure washers are double insulated, so they are actually designed to work in a wet environment! The amp draw is a house-friendly 13 amps. Millions of customers around the globe rely on electric pressure washers to safely and easily clean their homes.
Armor All pressure washers are designed to be used with or without pressure washer detergent. We recommend Kärcher's concentrated, environmentally friendly Multipurpose and Vehicle Wash detergents that are specially formulate for use with pressure washers. Corrosive chemicals such as bleach or chlorine can harm or permanently damage the pressure washer (and the environment) and should never be used.
This is a residential pressure washer designed to work with your home’s tap water. The water temperature should not exceed 104 degrees F.
While we in general do not recommend the use of extension cords, if one is necessary make sure it is outdoor rated, size 14 gauge or larger and no longer than 50 feet.
Armor All pressure washers are maintenance-free. If you use the detergent foamer, you should rinse that after use. If you live in an area where temperatures fall below freezing, you should also use a Pump Guard before storing the unit for the winter.
All pressure washers should be stored in an area that is protected from extreme cold or heat. During the winter months it is important to use a Pump Guard (we recommend the one from Kärcher) to protect the pump. This needs to be done only once at the beginning of the cold weather season.

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